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M. Clatworthy M. Clatworthy
I had 18 doors to hang, each with a mortised lock. This sturdy little gadget saved many, many hours of time. A mortise can be prepared in 3-4 minutes as opposed to a ling time with a chisel. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this item; there are lots of other uses for it too.
Kevin Hills Kevin Hills
Hopefully it'll work
I like the idea of it hopefully it'll work well
Ken Walker Ken Walker
Surprisingly good in every regard. Good quality and very robust , I hung a dozen pine doors using this item for the latches/locks in half the time I would doing it old school. By far the cheapest price I've seen for this kit.
Geoff Davies Geoff Davies
Makes fitting doors quick and easy
Great tool for fitting locks accuratly andcQuickly
Kev Kev
VEVOR 16Pcs Mortice door fitting Kit
Brilliant! Already use to fit 3 locks; Just remember to tighten everything first! Kit arrived in good time and in great condition, so thanks guys. Only suggestion is to make slides run smoother to avoid "sticky points" that cause jerking on up/down motion. Other than that, great piece of kit!
Mark Mitchell Mark Mitchell
Not self centering
Obviously a copy of the Souber tool, this is not self centering but is the offset version. More verstaile but it does take a little longer to set it up. Once set, it works very well.
Stevie b Stevie b
This jig is brilliant and it saves me a hell of a lot of time on doors
John John
Works quite well
It's fine as far as it goes. The cutters supplied are too big for most locks. They are an M10 thread and you would think that any similar mortiser would make their cutters with an M10 thread so I bought a 16mm dia cutter from Souber. But although the Souber mortiser looks virtually identical, it uses some sort of medieval thread of about 7.5mm. And I don't seem to be able to get hold of a 16mm dia cutter with an M10 thread.I shall probably find a suitable rod the same diameter as on my original mortiser and ask a friend with a workshop to run a tap of this medieval thread down into its end. If the Chinese company which made this advertised 16mm cutters, I would buy one but I can't find whether they do.Buy it if you are happy with oversized slots but you may have problems getting replacement cutters.
mick mick
Great price
Great bit of kit at a great price excellent delivery. There’s on one issue is could do with a 23mm cutter as the 22mm one is a bit little for the latches but you can get a smaller diameter latch but if not a bit of chisel work and job spot on.
Warren Astley Warren Astley
Good bit of kit, and makes easy work of mortice all I will say is take your time setting it up and and take your time racking out and make sure you have clamped it well

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